"Railroad" Team Fortress 2 Lithograph by Valve Software

My career as a student of game design at the Cleveland Institute of Art officially ended today as I packed up the last of my posters, and backed up the last of my project files.

I’ll wait to elaborate on what I’ve learned from this year, but in short it has been a fast track to maturity and dedication as an artist. The amount of distinction I’ve learned to make amongst creative minds on the creative process we share has been enriching and informative in ways I could never have predicted. However, starting this blog nearly a year and a half ago was my reaction to comprehending how much I learned in one semester about level design. Since then, I’ve had a lot of encouragement and recognition nearby from many peers and local denizens of CIA, and it felt right to mark the occasion of closing that chapter of my life here too.

I haven’t maintained Digitalchemy as well as I’d have liked since this past school year took off, but writing and comprehension takes a lot of time away from things I’d otherwise be making – especially when it’s for thesis work. Before I make my way through those lessons I want to reflect on here, I’m taking some time to get away from them and return with a  more focused intent on how to frame it all for any readers out there.


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Andrew Kuhar

Designer by day. Musician at heart. Video game enthusiast. Taco connoisseur.

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