Bandcamp and The User Experience

Bandcamp is a website that invites independent musicians to freely distribute their music through it. At no charge (besides a 15% cut from each sale after the fact), a band can set up and customize their own page to stream, promote and sell their songs/albums/merchandise¬†in a number of combinations. Once your music is up and available, you can track statistics as well for how many people are visiting, listening (which is broken down into full/partial/skipped plays too to give you meaningful insights) and buying. You set the prices and, if you’d like, your audience can too. It’s an incredibly powerful tool and it’s only getting better lately, especially in the department of interactive design. Continue reading Bandcamp and The User Experience



Three of us, alone, made some noise in our dining room for nine months.
Here’s what the result sounds like.

Souvenir, by The Commonwealth

The Commonwealth’s (that’s us) debut album.

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