Playlist 2012: Diablo III

Diablo III PC | Blizzard Entertainment | June

Diablo 3, Wizard

You are an all powerful being. No one in this land has seen somebody so skilled in combat, so exotic and foreign, and you’re just in time because its people need your help. The undead and other monstrosities are invading the countryside, though they are no match for you: you are the offspring of angels and demons, imbued with their grace and destruction. Eventually you will meet foes far more cunning, more brute, and less merciful. But allies can join you, new weapons can be crafted from the remains of battles, and your fighting style can adapt to any situation. You will have the sweet satisfaction of bones crunching beneath your weight, of magic falling from your hands. You will tell others about your adventures, and grow rich off the spoils of war.

But you will never find that nameless sword, in the cave it was said to have been laid to rest. You will bring your bounties to every blacksmith, but they will craft you a blade duller than before. You will never restore the lands you hope to chart, because they will erase your journey through them. You will be told tales of valor that have no bearing on the quest you will set thousands of footsteps on. You will look like everybody else. You will do this forever, because you are in gamer hell.

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