Album Review: The Commonwealth’s “Urban Soul”

Andrew Kuhar:

The Commonwealth’s latest album review comes from Amplified Magazine, who also featured us in their very first issue earlier this year. Amplified’s Nicola Brown had some kind words about our second LP, Urban Soul, and you can read their full review on their blog.

It’s great to have this be the first published review of the album, especially being on a unique publication like Amplified. If you’re a music lover, be sure to check out their magazine and blog when you can.


Originally posted on AMPLIFIED MAGAZINE:

Album Review: The Commonwealth – Urban Soul

By: Nicola Brown

The Commonwealth’s second full-length album starts off with the relaxed guitar riffs of “Urban Soul,” after which the album is named. It’s a great beginning to a great record, building the energy and the foundation of what the album is about: life and love in a city like Cleveland, where the band is from.

1001129_534498876585788_545773432_nUrban Soul as a collection showcases The Commonwealth’s range of musical styles, mirroring the diversity inherent in an urban environment. There’s the slow waltz of “Mabel,” the alt-rock feel of “With My Old Friends At A Party,” the piano rock of “Summer Noir” and “The Bright Ones,” and of course the strange ethereal sound of “Supermoon.” However, the best (beyond the catchy title song) is “Little Boston.” This song begins with a really cool bowed guitar riff. At first, I actually mistook this for a cello…

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2 thoughts on “Album Review: The Commonwealth’s “Urban Soul”

  1. Nice write up! That’s awesome, I want a hard copy so I can look at the album art too! If you don’t know Andrew, he’s probably as particular with the artwork as he is with his music. Good direction, you are making serious progress from Emerald City Blues.

    PS I really like that album’s cover too

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