All My Friends Play Video Games – 3: Kentucky Route Zero, Act II

Kentucky Route Zero, Julian in the forest

All my friends play video games,
and two of them joined me to talk about Kentucky Route Zero, Act II.

We’re filling out the seasonal Kentucky Route Zero panel with Alex Koval joining Hilary Bovay and I for this edition of the podcast. Our hour-long discussion covers our reactions to Act II of Cardboard Computer’s episodic series, recurring themes and character development, secret locations, our favorite/least favorite moments and more. Feel welcome to add to the conversation by leaving a comment below.

Fair warning: this episode does contain spoilers for Act II throughout.
If you’re interested in the game and simply want to learn more about it, I’d highly recommend listening to our previous episode on Act I — the first segment introduces KR0 and is spoiler-free.

Listen to the podcast here:

All My Friends Play Video Games – 3: Kentucky Route Zero, Act II
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Hilary Bovay is a very talented artist & photographer, and super-fan of both David Bowie and Hayao Miyazaki. She’s got a keen eye for visual storytelling, and her love for the original Crash Bandicoot trilogy is all you’ll ever need to know about her taste in video games.

Alex Koval is a student of both philosophy and psychology, a fan of horror and especially H.P. Lovecraft. We’ve been best friends since 2nd grade, and some of his favorite games include the original Resident Evil remake, Final Fantasy Tactics, Eternal Darkness, and the childhood classic Banjo Kazooie.

Kentucky Route Zero was developed by Cardboard Computer.
The music in this episode was produced by Ben Babbitt, from the soundtrack for Act II of Kentucky Route Zero.