All My Friends Play Video Games – 2: Kentucky Route Zero, Act I


All my friends play video games,
and one of them joined me to talk about Kentucky Route Zero.

I’ve already written a post about Cardboard Computer’s debut of their new game, but this one calls for conversation. Today’s episode introduces the game and its unique design, artistic influences, ability to tell a story and connections to theatre & film. Kentucky Route Zero may be a haunting single-player experience, but it’s ripe for sharing.

Listen to the podcast here:

All My Friends Play Video Games – 2: Kentucky Route Zero, Act I
Hit the above link to stream it within a new tab, or right-click to download it directly.


My sole guest on this episode is Hilary Bovay, a talented artist & photographer based out of Rhode Island. She’s got a keen eye for visual storytelling, and her love for the original Crash Bandicoot is all you’ll ever need to know about her taste in video games.

The few musical numbers throughout the episode stem from the game’s soundtrack, which comes with the presale of all five acts.


5 thoughts on “All My Friends Play Video Games – 2: Kentucky Route Zero, Act I

  1. Cool, I saw a lot of the things you guys did as well, but I didn’t turn off the light in the mines, so I didn’t have that experience, which is really interesting.

    I wonder if Conway was in the crash, and if he’s now in the land of the dead basically.

    • Oh also, they released a little free downloadable called “Limits and Demonstrations” which I think takes place in the Museum. Also there’s a bit of a reference to the Zero in it, so you should check it out.

    • Hey John, thanks a lot for listening and your comments. I think turning off the light in the mine is an easy one to miss, mainly because they kind of stop teaching you to use the light switch leading up to it. Still, it’s probably one of the most memorable moments in Act I, so if you go back and replay it I’d highly recommend putting that on your to-do list.

      We were wondering the same thing by the end of the podcast. The game is so ambiguous it’s hard to tell what’s really going on in regards to that, but I really hope they keep pushing that button since it really colors so much of the plot.

      Neither Hilary nor I heard about “Limits and Demonstrations”, so thanks for mentioning it! I just found the link online, which I’ll share here for anyone else who’s got the KR0 itch:

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