All My Friends Play Video Games – 1: Games of 2012


All my friends play video games,
and together we made a podcast about it.

This first episode is all about the games of yesteryear, 2012. The bulk of our discussion revolves around our favorite gaming experiences including Google’s Ingress, Planetside 2, DotA 2 and Journey, along with honorable mentions for Day Z and Dishonored.

Aside from that, we chatted about some of the bigger leaps forward for video games this past year, such as the culture surrounding Kickstarter and video games after funding so many of them, the “free-to-play” model, and what’s around the corner for 2013.

Listen to the podcast here:

All My Friends Play Video Games – 1: Games of 2012
Hit the above link to stream it within a new tab, or right-click to download it directly.


This episode’s cast feature my closest peers from The Cleveland Institute of Art’s game design program: Matthew Barton, Cory HughartJim Wiser, and myself. We’ve certainly kept in touch since graduating in 2010, but it’s been awhile since we all sat down and talked strictly games.

Music throughout the episode is comprised of various songs by the recently late Jazz legend and musician, Dave Brubeck.

Photograph above by John Carey.

It’s a pretty long first episode, but I hope you enjoy our discussions and I’d be happy to know what you think in the comments below.


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