Catching Up

It’s been some time since I’ve written anything about video games here. Between finishing up The Commonwealth’s first LP, my responsibilities at work and a late start to “Spring-Cleaning”, I’ve been in need of a wind-down. To that end, I’m kind of surprised by how practical playing videogames on a regular basis again has been.

In the past it was pretty much World of Warcraft, a Valve title…and little else. Lately it’s been a variety of experiences on and off at a whim: Journey, L.A. Noire, Diablo III, and Benjamin Rivers’ indie horror adventure, Home. What’s been even more rewarding for me is that each game has also been played by/with a different close friend or two, followed by conversations that were just as diverse as the games themselves.

On the cusp of all of the above, in addition to attending the opening of The Art of Video Games exhibit earlier this year (which I still have pages of notes to elaborate on), there’s a lot of thoughts I’m looking forward to sharing here throughout the summer months ahead.


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