The Modcast – Episode 4: Designs of the Year

Each year there are our favorite games, and then there our are favorite parts of them. Design decisions that stand out in the crowd of each year’s videogame scene are rarely awarded, but often followed in the future. Listen in as we take refuge from the winter to discuss our favorite Game Designs of the Year.

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Show Notes + Credits

Cast: Matthew Barton, Cory Hughart, Andrew Kuhar, & Jim Wiser.
Music: Radiohead | (Various Artists)

To contact the creator of the show, please message Andrew at:
akuhar -at-

The Modcast is independently written, recorded, and produced.


2 thoughts on “The Modcast – Episode 4: Designs of the Year

  1. Pretty fantastic cast on some interesting titles on PC, I myself originally a PC gamer. Unfortunately I’ve hit a part in my life where having an xbox360 and friends on the system has drawn me to titles on the system, all the same there still good titles. Borderlands, fantastic art and game-play PC or not, Call of Duty like 500…. erm MW 2 Fantastic although the price tag brings me into a rage I couldn’t deny it, the amount of cinematic development is intense. Enough of my rambling all together this is an awesome pod cast, and I definitely can’t wait to dive back into my PC.

  2. Thanks Liz! Glad you enjoyed the show.

    I can definitely see the appeal that any platform with a social network has, PC or console based. One of the things that actually keeps me turning my Wii on more often is messaging with a friend every other week. Just knowing there’s a social group to tap into immediately with a few button hits is a strong reason for why people have remained faithful to current-gen consoles.

    I was reminded recently that games by nature are inherently social, and that single player experiences are actually the minority of experiences available in the scope of humanity’s development through play. How video games might continually consider this more as the new decade begins will be fascinating to witness.

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