Bottoms Up, Shovels Down

What a busy semester this fall turned out to be. While I’d prefer to binge on relaxation, a fun opportunity came up over the weekend: making a propaganda poster for the new Team Fortress 2 update. The update revolves around a staged war between two of the game’s explosive (pun intended) classes: the Demoman & the Soldier.

Amidst their quarrels and the community wide effort to duke it out over which class gets an extra new weapon by the end of the week, graphic artists have been called to the media blitz surrounding this once-in-a-game-cycle event. Being in the mood for a small reprieve of game-design duties, I sat down for a few sessions and submitted this:

Here’s to hoping it grabbed the right peoples’ attention when winners are announced, later tonight.


2 thoughts on “Bottoms Up, Shovels Down

  1. Thanks Liz. I’m actually not a huge player of either class, but alas for this contest I felt compelled to choose a side.

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