The Modcast – Episode 3: Things Change


The harvest season rolls in with episode three as a hearty discussion on dramatic change in games through level design and environments. We celebrate what marks 2 years of Team Fortress 2 while TF2 map author Sean “Heyo” Cutino talks with us about his seasonal community map, all before we delve into the depths of iterative design and various developer-tools.

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Show Notes + Credits

Cast: Matthew Barton, Cory Hughart, Andrew Kuhar, Larry Michel, Alex Morsch, & Jim Wiser. Special guest: Sean “Heyo” Cutino, author of TF2 Maps: Junction, Egypt, & Harvest.

Music: Beirut | Iron & Wine | Jesse Lee | Andrew Kuhar

The Modcast is independently written, recorded, and produced.


2 thoughts on “The Modcast – Episode 3: Things Change

  1. Some great games guys, I must agree with Jim entirely, Mass effect was an absolute success in story and game-play, I also couldn’t put it down.

  2. I’m glad I just picked up M.E. for it’s 5$ sale on Steam. You can’t even find a deal that cheap used – shipping/driving would cost more almost haha.

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