The Losing Game


These are some questions to help me brainstorm what it is I want to ask/answer about modern game design, and where it’s headed, during my BFA project:

  1. Is loss “fun”? Can failure and consequence be “fun”?
  2. What is permanence and its role in games/game design?
  3. How are audiences of gamers engaged in a game/s socially?
  4. What about a social atmosphere demands/encourages that they [player] return for more?
  5. Can positive reinforcement bring attention to an otherwise negative end?
  6. How has repetition aided game design? How has it hurt it?
  7. Progression: seeing progress is a powerful tool in making a game exist outside of itself.
  8. For a game to live beyond its very literal “magic circle” is a trait embedded in all and any of its potential untapped by the player.
  9. What are powerful examples of loss in games/game design? When have they been rewarding? When have they been self-defeating?

This is most likely a perpetual list, to be reiterated throughout the semester.


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