Same Dough, Different Cookie


Earlier in the semester, Cory and I played around with ideas for new game modes or mixtures of them in Team Fortress 2. This week I will be exploring one of these ideas in a small prototype for my Level Design final. The move to TF2 last minute stems from numerous bugs hindering both the Company of Heroes’ World Editor, and a third party level builder for World of Goo – hoops both Jim and I have been leaping through. Jim will be tweaking a mostly final build of his Control Point map, Stonequarry, after getting feedback and suggestions from both LAN and online playtest sessions of the last Beta. I would have done the same for ARC Mountain, but variation in approach and process (between projects covering similar territory) seemed slightly more enticing, and not too cumbersome.

Meanwhile, Cory is covering a gravitational Garry’s Mod “sandbox”, and Matt Barton is venturing from Source and into Crysis Wars.

Moral of story: When you’re at a loss for time, work with what you know.


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