Yesterday brought the 1,000th visit to Digitalchemy. WordPress is helpful in that it does not count my own visits being that it recognizes IPs I’ve logged onto my account with. So, it knows when its me, and when to ignore me.

However, it’s to be said if those are intentional visits…here are some interesting statistics.

On average, I will get about 20-30 hits a day solely from searches that included the word Joker, Heath Ledger, or both in the same phrase alone . While this is due to having written a post on The Joker character (images included) and Ledger’s interpretation of him, it wasn’t until after winning his post-humous awards in the last month that I received such hits at a steady rate and referral.

Additionally, for a good week, “Shamwow” was the number one search engine item that lead to my blog, simply because I referenced it in a joke a while back. I guess it really does “soak up” the competition :P.

So, thank you Heath for an unforgettable performance, thank you Vince Offer for your German technology, and thanks to anyone and everyone who does visit here to actually read my ramblings.


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