Breaking the Rewind Button

…and that wasn’t even the weirdest part! Every device I owned, every button on them, had broken. And it’s not like they refused to “work” altogether really. It’s just…well…every thing was constantly in rewind with no foreseeable end, like someone actually spent the time to sabotage my quiet fulfillment, jamming forks into any place air might slip through. Tried as I might, those damn electronics just wouldn’t stop rewinding. Funny thing is, even if I could have, I’m not sure I’d  have wanted things to stop. I figured, “Might as well learn to enjoy this”, this sort of free fall back into myself, because all I could do then was sit, and watch the view from behind my window. Much like now, but just if that chair was against the corner, and all this padding swapped for drywall.

I must be crazy.

We cannot change the past, nor can we confidently predict the future. The present, however, permits us one to assist the other. In my search for better design, and proofs of play, I’m taking one from the masters of this craft I’m attempting to be professional in. While I have no schedule for this, I plan on going through almost my entire library of console games, which at one point was slimmed down so only my absolute favorites remained. I’m choosing to exclude PC games (with the exception of Psychonauts, which my good friend and colleague Jim Wiser has convinced me to include) not out of bias, but because I’ve been glued to my PC a bit much since I went into college. Time is beginning to feel awkward when I participate in online games and I want something refreshing, but that is coming less and less from my workspace. It’s a stubborn rule, but I just want some hearty roots to chew on and for me that started with consoles.

The difference here is that I’m going through the list chronologically backwards. Time-traveling fictions often couple with defining moments that emerge with the choice to change a course of history. It’s an incredible lens to look through, no doubt, but what if the lens was all we had? What if all you could do is peer inward through the windshield, the window, where the solutions to our problems depart as soon as they arrive? Rear view mirrors would become our guides as we toured the past. The unfortunate thing about nostalgia, is that it has this built in romanticism, that things will never be so good again.

The fortunate thing about nostalgia, is its giving me a good excuse to play some modern classics all over again. The most recent console game I purchased is not so recent, but a fitting start. Debuted with Nintendo’s WiiWare, this one has has become a personal little favorite of mine – LostWinds. Ladies and gentlemen, the rewind button has been broken.



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