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This is just an intermediary post for a few I’m working on right now. I’ve gone away from the student-development disciplines blogs for the past few weeks because I want to reformat them to encompass more than just Team Fortress 2. What’s caught my attention is threefold: what we’ve been learning in the Level Design course, a better understanding other gaming genres in general (and interacting with them, all the better), and that the title of the series doesn’t really specify being TF2-centric. I figure, if I’m going to write about level-design from a student-of-design perspective, I might as well cover anything I encounter because no one part is inherently more significant to my learning experience than another. Those types of posts are meant for me being critical of myself in a constructive way, but my hope is that you (if you’re interested in the same field/topic) might resonate on a similar frequency. It’s my understanding that innovation first starts with designers, inventors, artists, etc. challenging each other and their disciplines.

We often seek to express something new, in a new way, when our foundation of givens or truths is starting to show cracks. Sometimes I’ll wonder, “What is all this light peeking through, and where is it coming from?!..Oh no.” It takes going back to the core of an idea and revisiting its own character – readdressing what the point of making something is – and deciding where do you want to take it, or what perspective do you want it to create a relationship with?


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