Out of the Woodwork

Creative ideas regarding the game design dpt. here at CIA (Cleveland Institute of Art) haven been spurred lately. Most of these ideas I’ve wanted to discuss, and catalog, for our own benefit at the least. The initiative is pretty straight forward: To make a collaborative internet presence, displaying an iterative thought process of theory, practice, play, and critique.

Environment study from the beginning of my 3rd year at CIA.

Environment study from the beginning of my 3rd year at CIA.

There are not many of us doing game design in the institute, and we’ve found that banding together is the best way to make more compelling work and get it out into the larger world. Last week a few of us bought or re-bought domain names and webspaces for our portfolio’s – which was really a reaction towards the growing realism that we’ll soon need ones secured within the next year anyways. Cory’s and my website have both begun launching last week, and are sure to get updates throughout the spring. You can find our work at andrewkuhar.com, and cr0ybot.com respectively (This means the links to the right actually go somewhere now!).

So, beyond blogs and portfolio’s, a couple other things are being ironed out. First is documentation of our new interactive critiques in Knut Hybinette’s Level Design course, a new addition to the curriculum this year. The significance in this is that the games we’ve modified, or made content for, allow us to save in-game data, or more widely known as replays (interactive ones at that). You might find some compilations of the levels we’ve done around the internet/Youtube in the near future, so be sure to check back here often throughout the Spring. So far we’ve worked in the Unreal Engine, begun in Relic’s Company of Heroes editor, and a few of us had the chance to work in Source already.

The last idea is more of a culmination of everything into one summit, hopefully a podcast, that broadcasts the collective thoughts of our development into the world in an accessible way; some manifestation of a round table if you will. On the topic of culmination, the point of all this is to have a singular site that hosts it. It makes sense to segment a variety of thoughtful media coming from different perspectives and disciplines from one core goal, realized. That means that most any blogging relative to game-design here will be fed to the larger beast, for instance. Although, being in this perpetual state of HTML, the analogy starts to break down there. Best of all, our group dynamic is what keeps us vigorous; everyone pulls their weight in something different, so the scope becomes aggressively diverse without much effort. We’re all writing about game-design on our spare time anyways, so it works itself out in the end.

With the forest comes its trees. Prepare for the natives, nerdlings.


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