Introducing Proofs of Play. (Chess, Game 1: 7 Moves in)

“A game design education cannot consist of a purely theoretical approach to games.” – Rules of Play, 2004

More importantly than even creating the game and its assets, is learning how to play it or how you want players to experience it. The best results for this come from playtesting, or even just playing a game for its own sake. This past Friday we started a series dedicated to playtesting students’ maps in elongated sessions and giving feedback as the second half to this new process of critiquing games as art. I plan to post some images from the session, future ones, LAN parties, and everything inbetween that show proofs of play. It’s vital to experience a game in its natural habitat, moreso with a community of people; it pulls on the strings of emergence

This category is merely proof that we have not forgotten the point of games…starting now.

7 Moves in.

7 Moves in.


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