Cohorts and Cooperation

“The search for the well-played game is what holds the community together.  But the freedom to change the game is what gives the community its power.”Rules of Play, 2004

Meaningful Play

A graph I drew up about meaningful play.

The reason I made this post was twofold. First, use key images that I’ve gathered inspiration from and I feel accurately represent the crux of the latest project I am about to take on with three of my cohorts at CIA. Second, the genesis of this project is explored in a very present, thourough, and sincere way at Cory’s new blog, designing cr0ybot, without marrying itself to solely the context of said project. He’s providing more of a focused current of thought that could precede any given project, or just better inform a decision really.

It’s a fun game over there, so please go play it and hopefully you’ll get a high score down the road!


One thought on “Cohorts and Cooperation

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