Creating an Environment: Intermission for Feedback

“Done” is a funny word. It’s tough to distinguish when discussing artwork, not to mention when its also interactive on some level. My next post was going to continue with gameplay, but I had a more interesting idea. Yesterday, I put up a thread about Arc Mountain on to finally get some initial feedback and potential interest before I release the first alpha online. As done as these posts might suggest my map to be, it really is a reflection on its current state above all else. I just feel the need to explore how its gotten here.

An interior of RED's depot.

An interior of RED’s depot.

The thread is loaded with screenshots of the map I haven’t posted anywhere else as well as some great constructive feedback already. I’m excited to have some very literal things to adjust when I next work on the map. Additionally, our department/major held the year’s first LAN party this weekend which featured a lot of yelling with Left4Dead, and some playtesting of Arc Mountain itself. Arena works well even with smaller teams, so I got some good ideas after seeing it in action finally.

As Michael Scott would approve, it’s a “Win-win-win” situation, given you have the right attitude about it.

Jim Wiser, a friend,  fellow TF2 mapper and student in my department made some recent strides with his own map, a Control Point based one, and released the first public beta! You can download Stonequarry and view the map here.

Stonequarry, beta release.

Stonequarry, beta release.


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