I hope this works.

If it does, then welcome to the Digital Alchemy blog!

I am Andrew Kuhar, a 4th year (out of 5) student at the Cleveland Institute of Art with special interest in Sound/Game design. After backlogging several projects from the past three and a half years, I’ve decided to make a blog and explore developing disciplines, how that continues to evolve, and ways I’ve found to solve current problems in my work. While I find interest in a variety of the issues concerning the gaming community, I hope to tie things up by bringing relevance to the development and/or art of modern game designs from a student perspective.

My first major entry will be a series of articles that follow a custom map I’m working on for Valve’s Team Fortress 2 using their Source SDK developer tool. The first article will focus on my prescribed Goals, and Geography. A preview screenshot of the map concerned follows:

A shot from RED Team's Spawn side, overlooking summit.

An in progress screen capture of Arena Arc Mountain. I hope this works.


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